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A division of Yakima Valley Tourism | A member of the National Association of Sports Commissions


The Yakima Valley Sports Commission is a division of Yakima Valley Tourism.

Mission Statement: To advance the mission of Yakima Valley Tourism by stimulating economic growth through sporting events that generate economic impact for the Yakima Valley. Emphasis is placed on promoting the Yakima Valley as a premiere sports destination to event planners, participants and spectators while providing exceptional customer service.

Act as a liaison between sports event organizers and the local hospitality industry to generate the booking of hotel room nights for outside participants and associated attendees who travel to the Yakima Valley to take part in athletic events.

  • Research room night availability to make certain there is no double booking of the city or valley.
  • Produce event leads to local hotels with information on events, dates, anticipated room nights, requested rates, etc.

Assist local sports venue managers in preparing bids and presentations to attract state, regional or national events to the Yakima Valley.

  • Host site tours of event organizers and board members involved in decision making for sports events.
  • Help prepare bid proposals that include information on facilities, the hospitality industry, local attractions and welcome letters from appropriate public officials.

Establish relationships with state, regional and local sports event organizers to maintain and expand current sporting events held in our community.

Servicing sporting events held in the Yakima Valley.

  • Provide assistance in creating press releases for events.
  • Organize reader board welcomes and informational postings.

Take an advocacy role in the development or expansion of local sports venues.

Act as a clearing house of information for local events.

  • Post event information on our website.
  • Include information on the Calendar of Events on the Yakima Valley Tourism's web site.
  • Place event flyers or information at the Visitor Information Center